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Convergence: Agriculture, human and planetary health

‘Convergence: Agriculture, human and planetary health’ is a weekend of educational and thought-provoking presentations on issues affecting agriculture and its role in human and planetary health. Farming regeneratively increases the microbial levels and diversity in soils, sequesters carbon and improves water cycles, allowing farmers to produce nutrient-dense foods and high quality fibres with reduced reliance on synthetic inputs – intrinsic in the health and wellbeing of farming businesses, humans, communities and the planet.

Once every decade, RCS – Australia’s foremost provider of regenerative, whole-of-business education, training and advisory services to graziers, horticulturists and croppers – hosts a ground-breaking conference to celebrate another 10 years of the Grazing for Profit™ School into Australia. To celebrate the 30 year milestone, RCS will host their third conference, and have secured some of the planet’s foremost experts to offer a glimpse into the happier, healthier more productive future of regenerative agriculture.

With increased consumer consciousness around where food is coming from and demand for better foods, it’s an important time to learn how to put your business on the front foot to service these growing markets. Attendees will glean methods, unique perspectives and practical knowhow to benefit their bottom line. Convergence also offers in-depth knowledge of soil regeneration and food production methods and the link between healthy soils, nutrient-dense foods and human wellness that will benefit holistic health professionals who understand the value of sourcing healthy foods.

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About your hosts, RCS

For over 30 years, RCS (Resource Consulting Services) has specialised in regenerative agriculture, working with individuals, families, corporations and government groups, empowering them to profitably grow healthy food for healthy, happy people in resilient, vibrant landscapes.

In 2020 RCS reached 30 years of transforming agriculture through the import of the Grazing For Profit School™ into Australia. With hundreds of schools and thousands of happy, empowered graduates, the Grazing For Profit School is more popular than ever.

Whatever your interest or level of knowledge, RCS offers a school, workshop, professional-development opportunity or advisory service that is right for you. We invite you to explore how we can help you by visiting our website or calling 1800 356 004.

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